How to Get the Best Computer Repair Service

Computer makes our lives easier. But when they stop working, our life comes to a screeching halt. If you are not a computer whiz, you would probably need the help of reliable service provides that offers computer repair in Singapore to bring back your computer to a working state again.

With so many computer service repair providers in Singapore, it can be a daunting task to select a right one. Here we provide you some tips that will help you get the best computer repair service.

Check Company’s Track Record

A company’ track record speaks a lot about the company. If the company has been offering computer repair services for several years, it is more likely to have well-experienced technicians. Also, a good computer repair company will also have a long list of satisfied customers. All this means you are giving your computer to experienced technicians who know their job very well.

Look for Customer Reviews

Customer reviews offer you a simple way to gauge the quality of the service and get an idea about pricing. Though customers don’t mention exactly the nature of the repair work and their costs, they do mention words like expensive, good value for money, reasonable fees in their reviews.

You should check reviews of the computer repair company on listing sites such as Yelp and other business community sites or directories where ideally repairing companies list their name.

Ask for Certified Technicians

If the computer repair company is sending a technician to your home for repairs, you need to ensure a certified technician is coming to your home to perform the repairs. The last thing you would want is someone repairing your PC is not an expert.

Make sure to check the certificates and credentials of the technician repairing your computer as computer parts are very delicate. Any wrong handling of these computer parts will cause them to fail and this will increase the repair costs as you will need to replace these parts in order to get your computer up and running.

Insist on Guarantees

A good computer repair service provider will provide you a guarantee of six months to one year for the repair work done. This speaks itself for their confidence and trust in the job they do. So it’s a big NO NO if a company refuses to back their work with a guarantee.

Ask for Repair Estimates

You should get an idea of repair fees before handing over the PC for repairs. PC repair costs are often not cheap but that does not mean they should be over the moon. However, if the repair costs are too good to be true, you need to be cautious.

Most companies have fixed charges dpeneding on the kind of repair work done such as display repairs, motherboard repairs, hard disk repairs, OS installation charges and other repair work. Some companies charge by the hour but avoid such companies as there are more chances of being overcharged.

To be on safer side ask for an estimate to the technician to get an idea about actual repair costs. A good technician will not hesitate to tell that it would be economical to buy a new computer instead of repairing current one.

Know the Time Frame

If your computer needs a large amount of repairs, the computer repair service provider may find it difficult to gauge exact time needed for repairs as old computer spares are not always readily available.

Ask the computer repair service provider of any backlog in computer repairs. If yes, then it will be hard for them to repair your computer in shorter time frame. However, in most of the cases, a good repair company will give you correct information of any backlogs if any and also tell you the time frame in which the repairs will be completed.

Being wise when choosing a computer repair service provider can save you a lot of time and money and also save you from frustration. For some, computer is a source of earning their livelihood and it is necessary they get back it repaired in a timely manner.

How do you select computer repair service provider? Please feel free to comment.

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