How to Buy a Business Laptop?

Laptops are very essential, almost mandatory for business organizations. They are far more portable than computers, far more powerful and priced economically too. If your organization ha employees in the sales, production and supply chain departments who are always on the go, a desktop might not be the device you want to give them. They need to carry out their tasks wherever they are and a portable business laptop can make their life a lot easy. Moreover, laptops can connect to any WiFi network and easily access internet, which is not possible with a desktop computers.

Business laptops are slightly different from the regular laptops we buy for personal use and gaming. These laptops are more portable, handy, equipped with a lot of memory and RAM. There are a number of considerations you need to make while buying business laptops. We will list these considerations in this article, discuss them in brief and give you tips how to buy these laptops for your organization. Read on.

Things to Take in Consideration before Buying a Business Laptop

1. Operating System

The operating system of the laptop you are being is very important and dependent on the type of work the employee intends to do with the laptop. If your organization is an IT company there is a high chance that you would need operating systems like Linux or Ubuntu installed onto these computers. Apart from these the usual choice of OS would be Windows and macOS. While most of us comfortable with Windows, there is a strong preference for macOS too. Thus before you buy business computers online or offline, make sure which OS you want to be installed on these computers.

2. Brand

Another major thing to decide when you buy laptops is that which brand you would want to choose. If you are choosing macOS, you are limited to Apple MacBooks. However, if you are choosing any other OS, you have a plenty of options including HP, Lenovo, Dell etc. You need to consider a lot of things before finalizing the laptop brand. You need to consider its pricing, the discount you are going to get on each brand and accessibility of after sales for each of the brand. You would also need to consider the responsiveness of the sales representatives for these brands if you are planning buy business laptops in bulk.

3. Online or Offline

Another consideration to make while buying laptops for your business organization is the platform you choose to buy. You can either buy offline from a dealer or distributor, or you can buy it online from a number of online stores which specialize in the sales of business computers and laptops. The benefits of buying online is that you have a number of stores to choose from, accessibility to a number of brands and products, speedy delivery and more importantly delivery to your preferred location. Whether you want to buy Lenovo laptops online or HP laptops online, you can do so in a matter of minutes from your location. That’s how convenient it is to buy business laptops online.

4. Price and Warranty

You also need to consider the price of the laptop you will be buying and look for any deals or discounts that you can avail on these. If you are buying the business laptops in bulk, you are certainly entitled to a decent waiver on your billings. If you are buying offline, talk to multiple distributors/dealers to compare the prices and the discounts you are being offered. If you are planning to buy business computers online, compare the prices on multiple online stores. Apart from the price also consider the warranty you will be offered with each of these products. There might be instances when you have to replace the laptops or get them repaired. If you are buying from a reliable source, you will be offered a competitive price as well as a minimum warranty of one year or two.

5. Specifications

Lastly and most importantly, you need to consider the specifications of the business laptop and give more preference to storage and RAM. A typical business computer would require a memory of 500GB to 1TB and a RAM of 4 to 8 GB.

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